Plug, Play and Earn!

IMAGINE for a second that the clock went back and you found yourself in 2010, when Bitcoins was worth pennies or a buck per coin. Imagine then investing $100 into it and getting yourself 100 Bitcoins.

Now imagine sitting on those coins to 2020. How much would you have in your bank account? Let’s multiply 100 bitcoins by todays rate, of $11,669 per BTC. Okay! Now stop weeping at all that money you could have made because NOW you have a second shot at that exact same scenario.

WHY? Because IOT (Internet of Things) is HERE!!! And its growing rapidly!

Have you heard of IOT, meaning Internet of Things? There are a few people who know how to start a business and being successful at it by earning from the IOT.

What if I told you that you can start your business very easy just by simply unboxing a device, plugging it up without having to have an internet AND get paid for mining all the IOT in your surroundings.

Would you be interested to learn more about it?

THINK ABOUT THIS……you have the opportunity to mine and have your own network. Just like you did in 2010 with bitcoin. What if you could plug in a hotspot that could mine for you, just like bitcoin computers could mine back in those days and get paid by having it plugged up.

What if all you did was plug it into the wall and watch your coins accumulate. Well, now you can!!!!

And let’s not even compare this to Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, or any of those large companies when they too were offering their shares for pennies or a couple of bucks. Why? Because the internet of things is going to power all those companies.


It’s massive with NO comparison!!!



So What is IoT Basic HUB?
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